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Nickelback в прессе

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Thanks-cool interview,though not much new)))



The Gibson Guitar App Has Arrived!

Gibson Guitar Releases Its Own Free To Download App Exclusively For The iPhone and iPod Touch from the Apple App Store

Gibson Guitar, the world’s premiere musical instrument manufacturer and leader in music technology, is proud to announce the highly anticipated launch of the Gibson Guitar App. This free to download App will be available exclusively for all Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users directly from the Apple App Store 25th February 2010. This is one App every guitarist and fan of Gibson Guitar must own. Over the past two years over 3 Billion Apps have been downloaded around the world, the Gibson Guitar App cements Gibson’s reputation as the industry’s leader in innovation and music technology.

полностью статья здесь
http://guitarinternational.com/wpmu/201 … s-arrived/




Прикольно! :cool:А вот что я нарыла)))
Nickelback have been nominated for the JUNO Fan Choice Award (presented by Pepsi) at this year's Juno Awards in St. John's, NFLD. Canadian fans can vote for their favourite Canadian musical artists nominated. Visit Juno 2010 Fan Choice or CTV online to cast your vote now. You have until March 30th at 11:59:59 p.m. ET to vote!

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у Никелей в этот раз всего 2 номинации,и судя по их расписанию концертному,на премию они не придут-у них концерт в этот день



Какая разница , сколько номинаций-вспоминают их там регулярно.Хуже,когда никто не вспоминает...



в тему про джуно
Return of the Juno dark horse
The nominees for the 2010 Juno Awards have been announced, and it looks like this year torch crooner Michael Bublé will be cleaning up, with a grand total of six nominations.

That’s one more than Nickelback had last year, for those keeping track. Our first reaction was that Bublé is a bit bland to be representing Canada in this way, but considering the history of the Junos, it could be much worse (for example, Nickelback).

The other artists up for multiple nominations are Drake, Billy Talent, and Johnny Reid (all of them with 4 each), and while cynics might describe those choices as boring, at least we’re seeing a good representation of genres among the frontrunners. Seeing jazz, hip-hop, punk and country way out in front of generic pop/rock is genuinely refreshing, even if all the contenders are doing very pop versions of their respective styles.

There is, however, one dark horse on the list. Remember how embarrassed most of us were that Nickelback ruled the Junos last year? We were looking forward to a Nickelback-free Junos this year, but somehow, they’ve still managed to get two nominations. The first is the Fan Choice Award, which we’ll concede they should be eligible, as they are depressingly popular. The second one, however, caught us by surprise.

Somehow Nickelback’s 2008 album Dark Horse (the one that cleaned up last year), is nominated for yet another award this year – Rock Album Of The Year. What the fuck? How is that even possible? Didn’t they already have their chance?

Turns out the band-we-love-to-hate found themselves a loophole. Because Dark Horse was released within the narrow window that qualifies it for both 2009 and 2010, they’re allowed to resubmit it for categories it was not nominated in previously. Seems like they really like their awards.

Two thoughts on this bizarre situation:

Why the fuck would they set up the submission criteria so that there was enough overlap to be able to milk one album for awards two years in a row? Why would they not define a year as 12 months, rather than 13?
Did Nickelback release their album during that grey month on purpose so that they could pull something like this?
There are enough good rock bands in Canada that the Junos shouldn’t feel the need to pad out the list by allowing double-dipping. Give some other bands a chance.



Забавная ситуация, в самом деле - как так один альбом на 2 года растянуть?



Ярик написал(а):

Забавная ситуация, в самом деле - как так один альбом на 2 года растянуть?

пора значит новый выпускать :music:



Мдя, по отношению к другим немного нечестно... Ведь пробовала себя "Лошадка"  в прошлом году - надо другим дорогу уступить... Кстати, неужто уже год прошел как ее выпустили?! Блин, как быстро время летит... =)



кстати никели собираются по окончании тура уйти в долгий отпуск-до конца 2011-начала 2012,отдохнут и обещали заняться записью нового альбома



ну я надеюсь они 2010 хоть весь откатают? Ведь осенью должны Европу посетить! Ну не то чтобы должны, мне так кажется просто))



надеюсь они в этот раз не забудут что в европе есть такой кусочек земли как Латвия и посетят  его ))) Ну а если нет то буду надеется что я вовремя в камандировку в Германию поеду и успею на их концерт там ) Ато что я за фанат такой  , который ниразу на их концерте небыл :D



Пардон,но это не статья ,а блог какого-то придурка-не более(((



RockerGirl написал(а):

Пардон,но это не статья ,а блог какого-то придурка-не более((

я и не говорила,что статья



Beer Company Says no to This Afternoon Video

Our outlaw brewer friends at Dark Horse had a big dilemma on their hands over the past week, and reached out to the beer geek community for advice. An incredibly popular rock band with platinum level sales is making a video for their new single, and wants to feature Dark Horse's beer. The product placement would focus on a Dark Horse truck pulling up to a raging fraternity party and offloading all of its beer. I imagine that zany "Animal House" style hi-jinks like Double Crooked Tree beer pong and Tres Blueberry Stout keg stands would ensue.
Sign the contract, watch sales skyrocket, and everything would be cool right?
Not so.

Dark Horse had a few objections, one being that they are not fans of the band. Did I mention their name? Oh yeah, it's Nickelback, whose current CD release is titled Dark Horse. I've never actually met anyone who admitted to liking Nickelback. That, coupled with the fact that they are sometimes forced off stage by people hurling rocks, makes me think that their massive success is some kind of hoax. I know I'm not alone as Brewer Aaron Morse was quoted saying "Why can't it be some cool band like Slayer?".



То есть они снимают клип на This Afternoon всё-таки?? Круто!!!
Последний абзац пусть автор засунет себе в "личное мнение" =)



Ярик написал(а):

Последний абзац пусть автор засунет себе в "личное мнение

согласна,но как говорится из песни(статьи)слов не выкинешь



Здорово, будем ждать выхода видео. Должно быть что-то веселое)
"that they are sometimes forced off stage by people hurling rocks" это про тот случай в Португалии? или как? Нет, ну как-то совсем неэтично скрести по сусекам биографии. Что вспоминать что было в лохматом году?
А вот это "their massive success is some kind of hoax" очевидно не так ибо подлинности их успеха полно доказательств. Хотя бы посмотреть на концертные записи! Довольные лица людей! Народ просто отдыхает душой под их песни!)))
Так что наша с Сеней реакция на эту статью однозначна: "А нам все равно, а нам все равно")))



Да, Мила, это про Португалию.



Air Canada Centre, Toronto - April 8, 2010

TORONTO - Subtlety has never been Nickelback’s strong suit.

Hitting people over the head with their hoser-friendly arena rock is more how they roll.

So the Canadian quartet’s return to Toronto’s Air Canada Centre on Thursday night on their never-ending Dark Horse Tour found them once again blowing things up on stage for two hours while performing songs with titles like Burn It To The Ground and Flat On The Floor at full volume.

Frontman Chad Kroeger even screamed his stage banter between songs.

Certainly Kroeger mentioned early in Thursday night’s show about how the Alberta-raised, B.C.-based group were prevented from performing last August at the Molson (Canadian) Amphitheatre.

“Nice to be back in town,” he said. “We’re not going to let a thunderstorm and lightning stop this one. “

Yes, even Mother Nature wanted to wipe one of the most critically maligned bands from the face of the earth.

No matter.

Nickelback - filled out by guitarist Ryan Peake, Chad’s brother/bassist Mike Kroeger and drummer Daniel Adair - then launched into one of their biggest hits, Photograph, which Kroeger described as “a song about the good old days - a trip down memory lane.”

It’s also led to Nickelback laughing all the way to the bank given the impressive display of pyrotechnics that unfolded on their huge stage which boasted a large video screen, small pockets on either side to hold about a dozen fans, and an elevating, rotating drum riser for Adair’s spectacular solo in the show’s last half-hour.

Kroeger claimed to be jealous of Adair’s porn star-worthy facial expressions as he played, and even showed them to the audience in slow-motion on the large video screen to demonstrate.

“If I possessed those facial expressions, I would have found my true calling,” joked Kroeger.

There was also a catwalk which brought the band closer to the audience on a smaller stage for such songs as This Afternoon, If Today Was Your Last Day, and Rock Star, the latter which prompted a major sing-a-long.

“It sounds really good when 15,000 people sing my words,” encouraged Kroeger.

They returned there again for Someday and Too Bad, as the show wound down, but neither of those two songs matched the intensity of adoration that greeted How You Remind Me and Figured You Out.

Still, having seen Nickelback just over a year ago at the ACC, it all felt like been there, done that, right down to an overlong segment which featured roadies coming on stage to shoot T-shirt rifles and throw beer into the audience.

“We’re back in Canada aren’t we?” said Kroeger. “There’s three things that make us Canadians - being able to walk to school in a snow storm and survive; Our hockey; and the ability to drink anyone in the f---in’ world under the table.”

Unbelievably the group - who cleaned up at last year’s Junos - are up again for more trophies later this month including best album for Dark Horse - and were recently named group of the decade by Billboard, much to the chagrin of music critics everywhere.

Even Kroeger’s attempt to appeal to the band’s female fans with the power ballad, Far Away, fell flat when he followed up with the questionably titled Something In Your Mouth.

“Some women should not be allowed to eat in public,” said Kroeger. “Especially ice cream cones - that moment inspired a song.”

Maybe it shouldn’t have?

Later when Kroeger discovered a ten-year-old boy in the front row with his father, he pretended to be horrified.

“I’ve damaged a young mind. Don’t tell your mom.”

He then advised the boy to say to his father: “I won’t tell mom, but I need a hundred bucks.”

Ah yes, simple life lessons courtesy of Nickelback.

"This awkward moment brought to you by me," said Kroeger later in the show.


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