Сформирована: 1998
Страна: Канада
Распалась: 2003
Жанр: Rock
Официальный сайт: reveille.cc
Неофициальные сайты: http://ru.noomus.com/music/Reveille

REVEILLE broke out of rural Massachusetts to land a deal with the major Elektra label by way of a pivotal showcase gig at New York's infamous CBGB's club. Most of the REVEILLE band members were still in their young teens when contracts were signed. Their debut effort laced, produced by Steve Thompson and Mudrock, arrived in June of 1999. Live promotion ensued with nationwide gigs on tour packages with GODSMACK, POWERMAN 5000 and MACHINE HEAD. The 'Bleed The Sky' album followed in September 2000.
Greg Sullivan decamped in January of 2002 and REVEILLE persevered by enlisting Chris Turner, first as stand in, then as a permanent band member. The band would unite with SEVENDUST, FILTER, GRAVITY KILLS, AUDIOVENT, NONPOINT and MUSHROOMHEAD for the mammoth 'Locobazooka' US Summer tour but a weakened Miloszewski was diagnosed with mononucleosis, caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, as the dates got underway. REVEILLE were forced to pull out. A third album, set to be produced by Howard Benson, was scheduled for Summer 2003 release but in a surprise move REVEILLE announced their decision to disband in June.

пару песенок слыхал и мне понравилось))) но вот ток распались они.....