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На Roadrunner Records пишут:

"Ever wanted to be a rockstar? So did lots of people famous, infamous, and unknown in the new Nickelback video for "Rockstar." Coming right after the release of Nickelback's All the Right Reasons [Special Edition], see if you can identify stars from the past and present."

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Ярик - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7T01EKQ0  - videopimp
Joyman - http://rapidshare.com/files/51820677/Ni … ckstar.avi

Список участников:
001. Boy at a baseball field: "I'm through with standing in line to clubs I'll never get in"
002. Lindsay Shaw in front of the Cloud Gate: "It's like the bottom of the ninth"
003. Man in front of the Flatiron Building: "and I'm never gonna win"
004. Cindy Taylor on a pool float: "This life hasn't turned out"
005. Old woman on the Millennium Bridge (London) in front of St. Paul's Cathedral: "quite the way I want it to be"
006. Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top: "Tell me what you want" (voiceover)
007. Wayne Gretzky: "I want a brand new house"
008. Three women in Times Square: "on an episode of Cribs"
009. Kendra Wilkinson in front of the Playboy Mansion: "And a bathroom I can play baseball in"
010. New York City policeman: "And a king size tub"
011. Gene Simmons in front of his wall of gold and platinum records: "big enough for ten"
012. Paul Wall in front of a highway: "plus me"
013. Billy Gibbons again: "Yeah, so whatcha need" (voiceover)
014. Park ranger at Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park: "I'll need a, a credit card"
015. Dominique Swain in a bubblebath: "that's got no limit"
016. Three men (one US MP, one East German border guard, and one civilian) at Checkpoint Charlie facing the    American Sector: "And a big black jet"
017. Twista, Mayz from the Speedknot Mobstaz, and unknown man riding in a limo: "with a bedroom in it"
018. Man in Grand Central Terminal: "Gonna join the mile high club"
019. Holly Madison in the Playboy Mansion grotto: "at thirty-seven thousand feet"
020. Woman in Los Angeles: "Been there, done that" (Billy Gibbons voiceover)
021. Street musician in Union Square: "I want a new tour bus"
022. Same street musician with performers in Union Square: "full of old guitars"
023. Three girls on the bank of the Chicago River in front of Marina City: "My own star on Hollywood Boulevard"
024. Gene Simmons again: "Somewhere between Cher"
025. Paul Teutul, Sr. of Orange County Choppers: "and James Dean is fine for me"
026. Billy Gibbons: "So how you gonna do it?" (voiceover)
027. John Rich on a pool table with a banjo: "I'm gonna trade this life"
028. Woman in Union Square: "for fortune and fame"
029. Chuck Liddell: "I'll even cut my hair"
030. Man in a Chinese restaurant: "and change my name"
031. Two Blazin' Saddles employees[7] in front of a General Lee-inspired RV: "'Cause we all just wanna be"
032. Eight kids in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge: "big rockstars"
033. Wayne Gretzky again: "and live in hilltop houses"
034. Parking valet at Jones Hollywood in West Hollywood: "driving fifteen cars"
035. Man on Lambeth Palace Road in front of the Houses of Parliament: "The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap"
036. Jenna Westerbeck sunbathing: "We'll all stay skinny"
037. Kid Rock: "cause we just won't eat/And we'll"
038. Twista, Mayz, and unknown man again: "hang out in the coolest bars"
039. Jessie Coleman in Grand Central Terminal: "In the VIP"
040. Eliza Dushku: "with the movie stars"
041. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in front of a Union 76 gas station: "Every good gold digger's"
042. Taryn Manning: "Gonna wind up there"
043. Paul Wall again: "Every Playboy bunny"
044. Two women in the middle of Davie Street: "With her bleach blond hair"
045. Jerry Cantrell under Chicago's El tracks and in front of Double Door: "And we'll/Hey hey"
046. Liam Lynch in Union Square: "I wanna be a"
047. Nelly Furtado on tour bus: "rockstar"
048. Man in front of the same highway as as Paul Wall above
049. Man in Union Square
050. Two women in Grand Central Terminal: "Hey"
051. Chuck Liddell with Elliot Segal from DC101 in a headlock:"hey"
052. Boy in grocery store: "I wanna be a rockstar"
053. Paul Teutul, Jr., Paul Teutul, Sr., and Mikey from Orange County Choppers flexing muscles
054. Man in front of Marina City: "I wanna be great like Elvis"
055. Elvis impersonator: "without the tassels"
056. Federico Castelluccio from The Sopranos: "Hire eight body guards"
057. Chuck Liddell again: "that love to beat up assholes"
058. Grant Hill signing basketball: "Sign a couple autographs/So I can"
059. Man in Union Square again: "eat my meals for free"
060. Billy Gibbons again: "I'll have the quesadilla" (voiceover)
061. Paul Wall again: "Ha ha" (Billy Gibbons voiceover)
062. Man and woman in the middle of Davie Street: "I'm gonna dress my ass"
063.Ted Nugent: "with the latest fashion"
064. Man and woman in front of the Cloud Gate: "Get a front door key"
065. Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison, and Bridget Marquardt from The Girls Next Door: "to the Playboy mansion"
066. Man in front of the Flatiron Building: "Gonna date a centerfold"
067. Two men in Washington Square Park: "that loves to blow my money for me"
068. Billy Gibbons again: "So how you gonna do it?" (voiceover)
069. Paul Teutul, Jr., Paul Teutul, Sr., and Mikey from Orange County Choppers again: "I'm gonna trade this life"
070. Man and woman in front of the Reichstag building: "For fortune and fame"
071. Jordan Carlos overlooking Los Angeles: "I'd even cut my hair"
072. Man in front of the New York Stock Exchange: "And change my name"
073. Man at a pink bus-stop bench on Davie Street: "'Cause we all just wanna be"
074. Lupe Fiasco on a table: "big rockstars"
075. Woman in front of the Brandenburg Gate: "And live in hilltop houses"
076. Woman in front of the Chicago Theater: "driving fifteen cars"
077. Two women at the beach: "The girls come easy"
078. Taryn Manning again: "and the drugs come cheap"
079. Eliza Dushku again: "We'll all stay skinny"
080. Woman in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge: "'cause we just won't eat"
081. Three women dancing : "And we'll hang out in the coolest bars"
082. Gene Simmons again: "In the VIP"
083. Dominique Swain again: "with the movie stars"
084. Lupe Fiasco again: "Every good gold digger's"
085. Chuck Liddell again: "gonna wind up there"
086. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. again: "Every Playboy bunny"
087. Two girls in Times Square: "with her bleach blond hair"
088. Man in front of Beverly Hills High School: "And we'll hide out in the private rooms"'
089. Eliza Dushku again: "With the latest dictionary"
090. Federico Castelluccio again: "and today's who's who"
091. Riki Lindhome at the beach: "They'll get you anything with that evil smile"
092. Kid Rock again: "Everybody's got a drug dealer on speed dial/Well"
093. Steel worker: "Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar"
094. John Rich again, smashing a guitar
095. Three women in the middle of Davie Street: "I'm gonna sing those songs that offend the censors"
096. Te'DeVan Rocketman Wacha Kurzweil in Union Square: "Gonna pop my pills from a Pez dispenser"
097. Lupe Fiasco again: "Get washed-up singers"
098. Boy in front of a mixing console: "writing all my songs"
099. Woman overlooking Los Angeles: "Lip sync 'em every night"
100. Daniel Self at City Market in Raleigh: "so I don't get 'em wrong"
101. Man on street corner in New York City's Chinatown: "Well we all just wanna be"
102. Man in front of Big Acorn in Raleigh: "big rockstars"
103. Eight Blazin' Saddles employees at City Market in Raleigh: "And live in hilltop houses"
104. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. again:"driving fifteen cars"
105. The Naked Cowboy in Times Square: "The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap"
106. Woman at the beach: "We'll all stay skinny"
107. Boy in Times Square: "'cause we just won't eat"
108. Cindy Taylor again: "And we'll hang out in the coolest bars"
109. Woman in front of Buckingham Fountain: "In the VIP"
110. Grant Hill again: "with the movie stars"
111. Jayson Woolley in Union Square: "Every good gold digger's"
112. Ted Nugent again: "gonna wind up there"
113. Holly Madison again: "Every Playboy"
114. Bridget Marquardt in a pink bed: "bunny with her bleach"
115. Kendra Wilkinson again: "blond hair/And we'll"
116. Boy standing next to City Hall in front of Tower Bridge: "hide out in the private rooms"
117. Nelly Furtado again: "With the latest dictionary and today's"
118. Two women in front of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge: "Who's Who/They'll get you anything"
119. Kid Rock again: "with that evil smile/Everybody's"
120. Ted Nugent again: "got a drug dealer on speed dial/Well"
121. John Rich again: "hey"
122. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. again: "hey"
123. Worker in front of Marina City: "I wanna be a rockstar"
124. Wayne Gretzky again, splashing a pool with a hockey stick
125. Kendra Wilkinson again dancing
126. Nelly Furtado again: "Hey"
127. Gene Simmons again: "hey"
128. Nickelback fans at Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts concert singing: "I wanna be a rockstar"
129. Pan to Chad Kroeger, pan to Mike Kroeger and Ryan Peake



Вот они "моторные дятьки" :swoon:

А клип прикольный там восновном фаны частями друзья Никелей ,а вконце Майки с сияющей улыбкой ^_^ И Чад как всегда "...Yes I do..." :girl_sigh: советую посмотреть :yes:






Писец :tomato:



Дааам-с, клип считаю явным промахом. Не впечатлил ни разу......жаль :sleep:



Ирин Никеля наверна хотели что б в клипе были их фаны,и друзья  :yes: Еслт б тебе предложили сняться ,или мне, или любому человеку на форуме я думаю что они б согласились  :grin:  (ну я лично да ^_^ )



Я так понимаю, в этом клипе снялись друзья группы...Хм...ну че я могу сказать, я тоже хочу таких "друзей" с длинными волосами, стройной фигурой и грудью 3-го размера. :rofl:
В общем девушки в клипе удались, это точно. Еще забавно посмотреть на то, кто из знаменитостей дружит с ними и согласился принять участие в съемках. Ну и концовка меня порадовала, громко подпевающий зал - мечта любого музыканта.:D Так что все это спасает хоть как-то это видео, но вообще я ожидал намного большего от клипа на эту песню...



kristi написал(а):

Ирин Никеля наверна хотели что б в клипе были их фаны,и друзья

Да это всё понятно, но я бы хотела смотреть видео с другим сюжетом :yes:



Да...Я тоже ждала от клипа чего-то другого :rolleyes: Надо будет позвонить Никелям сказать чтоб переделали клип :lol:



Билли Гиббонс - Ацкий Сотона!
А вообще клип минимум орригинальный



Я в клипе кажись Гранта Хилла узнал из Орландо Мейджик....могу ошибаться :)



Не ошибаешься ))))
Прикольные ещё Ди Каприо, Кид Рок



а случаем получше качество нету? =( все перерыл в инете



http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7T01EKQ0  - videopimp



спс, вот тут уже получше )

может кто еще подскажет, как качать с videopimp ?

Отредактировано Fonarik (25-08-2007 09:08:11)



Вот еще качество намного лучше:
http://rapidshare.com/files/51820677/Ni … ckstar.avi



Спасибо, Joyman!
Щас скачаем.



Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson, the stars of the E! reality series, The Girls Next Door, are among the numerous celebrities appearing in Nickelback's latest music video, “Rockstar.”

Aside from the three women, Nickelback's new music video also features such celebrities as rapper/musician Kid Rock, hockey icon Wayne Gretzky, KISS vocalist Gene Simmons, ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons, UFC fighter Chuck Liddell, professional basketball player Grant Hill, musician Ted Nugent and NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., who appears four times in the video.



У меня все времени скачать небыло, а сегодня клип по Муз-тв увидела. И поняла что скачивать не стоит.



Nickel_Girl, аналогично сегодня посмотрела клип. Очень удивило присутствие Нелли Фуртадо. клип ,хм..., думаю они копят деньги на новый альбом и все вытекающие из этого. бугага.  :lol: может ребят захотели снять просто видеоролик, где их друзья и знакомые. а песня самочтонинаесть( :P ) подходящая.