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Nickelback в книге рекордов Гиннесса!!!

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Нечто,не на прямую,но все же относящееся к теме)))

The most important record of the decade
Trey Irby
A&E Columnist
Updated: Monday, August 31, 2009

The trend has already started. Over the next few months, you'll keep hearing about pieces covering the impact of the 2000s – or the Aughts – as we figure out what happened this decade. Lists of favorite albums of this decade will probably show everything from Wilco’s “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” to Eminem’s “Marshall Mathers LP” in an attempt to define the decade's musical importance.

But one album is ultimately more important than either Wilco or Marshall's high touchstone. That record is Nickelback’s 2001 record “Silver Side Up.”

Now, I see the expression on your face. You are probably extremely repulsed that anybody would essentially champion the work of Nickelback, a band that's sold a lot of records in the modern era yet is apparently hated by about everybody on Earth when mentioned in conversation. Don't worry, I'm aware of this, too.

I'm also aware that important records should have genre-shifting songs and change the landscape, but that also doesn't really require the record to be good to do this.

Sometimes, it is just a natural occurrence.

When “Silver Side Up” was released, at least three of the songs from the record became massive rock radio singles, including “How You Remind Me,” which became the biggest song of 2002. And for our generation, this moment was pivotal for the simple reason that after the mid-to-late ‘90s post-grunge absence of a band on the radio more powerful than the medium, a rock band transcended said medium and left record labels sputtering to think of a response. Even though nu-metal was a shift in rock radio's tastes, none of that totally transcended its fan base like “Silver Side Up.”

More importantly, it came at the exact time of the peer-to-peer age. While major labels scrambled to find bands like the perverted Hinder or to embrace the sexual deviancy of the reborn Buckcherry, listeners were getting their music faster and building their tastes in ways unprecedented. Whether intended or not, “Silver Side Up” broke music's listener base as people decided to expand their palette.

It is patently ridiculous to put the blame on one band as to why our culture is more cultured in musical tastes. Peer-to-peer file sharing was popularized in 2000 before “Silver Side Up” was released, and the 1990s were just as guilty of having their artists make songs that had to sound happy and fit a radio-friendly formula.

However, every fresh stance in the years past 2000 is almost reactionary to rock radio.

Radiohead released three albums within the first four years of the new decade and they barely even sound like the band that did “OK Computer,” much less a band that is derivative of the times. And of course, it was slightly fitting that by the end of the decade, they championed the very Internet that voraciously tore us all away from rock radio to begin with.

And while Nickelback and their sound-alikes still sell a lot of records, the rift it has created in my generation is fatal. Almost every single person alive has heard “How You Remind Me” and a lot of them dislike it severely. And in response, we now listen to everything from Animal Collective to Bruce Springsteen to Kanye West, and much, much more in between.

Nearly all of my favorite bands in the new decade were discovered online, either by a friend sending a song or by me just finding out about it. Without the Internet, I would be stuck in the dark ages, and a lot of other people without giant amounts of disposable income or pure obsessive nature about music would be just as stuck.

We would all listen to Chad Kroeger's voice and find no fault in it. And ignorance would be bliss, more or less.

http://www.cw.ua.edu/the-most-important … -1.1849713



Хорошая статья. Приятно читать. Здорово, что в таком свете о никелятах говорят в прессе. Видно, что автор статьи сам является поклонником их творчества! =)



Прикольная статейка-не совсем в тему про рекорды Гиннеса,но о рекордах точно.Называлась: Лучшие песни Никелей на АОL.

Fusing post-grunge and alternative-rock into a slew of power ballads and rock anthems, Chad Kroeger and the three other members of Canadian outfit Nickelback have got it – having already sold over 30 million records worldwide and regarded as the No. 2 best selling foreign act of this decade (after the Beatles). Now an American radio staple, the best-selling arena rockers have found fans far from home. Here are the 10 Best Nickelback Songs, as rated by AOL Radio listeners.

10) Nickelback: 'Figured You Out'

Did you know? In addition to being voted by VH1 as one of the "40 Most Awesomely Bad Dirty Songs...Ever," the song reached No. 1 on the Canadian Singles chart and charted on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks, and the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks.

9) Chad Kroeger: 'Hero'

Did you know? Director Nigel Dick filmed the music video atop a building in New York City, with interspliced footage from 'Spider-Man.'

8) Nickelback: 'Gotta Be Somebody'

Did you know? 'American Idol' alum and country artist Bucky Covington released a cover of this Nickelback song as his fifth single in Oct. 2009 and included it in his second studio album, 'I'm Alright.'

7) Nickelback: 'Photograph'

Did you know? An a cappella group at Cornell University, called The Chordials, tackled our No. 7 Best Nickelback song in 2007.

6) Nickelback: 'Burn It to the Ground'

Did you know? At a UFC match, professional MMA fighter Ben Rothwell played the song during his entrance in his fight against Calin Velasquez.

5) Nickelback: 'Rockstar'

Did you know? Celebrities featured in the music video for the parody on stardom include, among others, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Eliza Dushku, Gene Simmons, Wayne Gretzky, the cast of 'The Girls Next Door,' Kid Rock, Lupe Fiasco, Nelly Furtado, and Ted Nugent -- leaving the band to make a six-second appearance, right at the end.

4) Nickelback: 'If Today Was Your Last Day'

Did you know? Lead vocalist Chad Kroeger says this song is his favorite off 'Dark Horse,' calling it "very motivational, and very positive."

3) Nickelback: 'Far Away'

Did you know? Chad Kroeger refers to this Nickelback song as the band's "only" love song in their entire repertoire

2) Nickelback: 'Someday'

Did you know? The song -- like other Nickelback hits -- depicts a failing relationship as the man tells his love: "Someday, somehow / Gonna make it allright but not right now." The music video shows a woman crying over the loss of her love, but the woman's fate is played out differently on the iTunes video release (as opposed to the original) -- for she walks away from the accident alive and unharmed instead of a ghost of her.

1) Nickelback: 'How You Remind Me'

Did you know? According to Billboard, this Nickelback song was the most-played track of 2002 -- and went on to win a Juno Award for Best Single of the Year in 2002 and a Grammy nomination in 2003 for Record of the Year.

http://www.aolradioblog.com/2009/11/04/ … ack-songs/



Спасибо! Действительно интересно!) Не знала, что любимая Figure You Out была одной из "Awesomely Bad Dirty Songs...Ever"...



Вауу)))я не знала! Вот клева ващеее)))
лучшая группа на свете!!))



Ну надо же... Ххх... :)
Лично я надеюсь, что лучшие их песни еще впереди !



А где статья "Nickelback  в книге Гиннесса"?
У меня ссылка не пашет (((



Ссылка была на это же изображение, что в первом посту )))



Эта тоже не пашет (((




Всё должно работать, не знаю, в чём у тебя проблемы возникли



Спасибо, теперь то что надо! =)
Я приятно удивлен 8-)



я недавно видела в магазе новую книгу рекордов Гинесса 2010, специально на мужыке открыла, начала искать нет ли чего про Никелей, но к сожалению- облом!! :sceptic:



Если это правда то я такая радая! молодцы!Умнички!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D



хмм...я раньше думал что самые успешные их синглы это HYRM и If Today Was Your Last Day...а тут Too Bаd...
Но все равно, красавцы, так засветиться это круто...так держать...
p.s. ждем new album... :cool:



И у меня ссылка не хочет работать - киньте еще раз, плиэззз... :'(






Ай спасибо!!! 20 недель - это круто!!! :cool: Хоть это и было аж в 2002 году, но я очень рада за ребят! Надесь, следущий альбом нас тоже порадует хитами!)



Для меня стало сюрпризом, что именно Too Bad привел никелей в книгу рекордов Гиннеса! Это здорово! Надеюсь, что данный рекорд переплюнут только они сами с новой, такой же удивительной песней! http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/standart/dance4.gif



Жаль только, что песня-победитель навеяна не самыми лучшими моментами жизни Чэда и Майка. (это я про их отца).(( Но, наверно, поэтому она и получилась таковой!! Будем надеяться, что новые песни станут лучшими от позитивных переживаний!  :music:



Молодцы ребзя, так и нужно, нос по ветру, а хвост пистолетом)


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