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Ой, какой он весь веснушчатый :shine: Классно! Я так всю жизнь мечтаю о веснушках!(фото по 3-ей ссылке), но...
kristi , молодчина! +1



да действительно :shine: у него ввеснушки ^.^  :cool: просто прелесть))))) но сейчас както незаметно)))) спасиба за интервью!!!



но сейчас както незаметно

Деньги творят чудеса...



Kristi, интервью просто супер! Спасибо большое, что нашла его и выложила!
Узнал пару мелочей о группе =)



Усатый нянь :D



kristi, спс за оригинал! у меня перевод где-то был...хорошая статья, как очерк...приятно читать!
огроооомнейший респект!



Интервью с Мэриэнн


Мэриэнн в канюшне с 2 лошадками))))




про Чада ламбо
http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y252/irishjenny/Chad and Mike/?action=view&current=chadcelebritycar10qh.jpg

http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y252/irishjenny/Chad and Mike/?action=view&current=chadcelebritycar36gc.jpg

http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y252/irishjenny/Chad and Mike/?action=view&current=chadcelebritycar42xs.jpg



про Майка машинку
http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y252/irishjenny/Chad and Mike/?action=view&current=mikecelebritycar20ih.jpg

http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y252/irishjenny/Chad and Mike/?action=view&current=mikecelebritycar56cm.jpg

http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y252/irishjenny/Chad and Mike/?action=view&current=mikecelebritycar66rt.jpg



kristi написал(а):

Интервью с Мэриэнн

Ну вот дОжили! уже и Мэриэнн интервью дает! Теперь я понимаю как они уживаются вместе: он занимается музыкой, она - лошадьми :D и никто никого не достает :D



+ она ещо Чадом занимается иногда даже ездит верхом  :rofl: как на лошадке :rofl:



интервью Дэна








ух ты! аж на 2-х языках! сразу видно канадский журнал! :cool:






вот интервьюшка классная, на фоте ничего невидно.... поэтому ниже текст :flag:


You put the Nickelback Man in a variety of interesting, albeit hypothetical, situations. It’s not TG’s fault that he came up with these ansers……

Words: Nick Cracknell

If you are an avarage TG reader, you’re going to love this. If you’re Liz Hurley, you may want to turn the page before Chad Kroeger reveals what he would do to you in a no-risk, consequence-free environment. Intrigued? Of course you are, you dirty, dirty, dirty bitch….

No, seriously, what we must say right off the bat is that Chad Kroeger is one of the nicest guys we have ever interviewed. He’s up for answering anything, as his responses reveal. During the course of our interview, TG’s facial expressions ranged from hilarity to pain, to downright shock as he wittly, but forthrightly, pu forward his views on making love to to showmen, punching Bon Jovi, and the unusually large space between his testicals. He also talks a little bit about guitars, for the more serioius minded of you readers….

What was the very first guitar you oweed and do you still have it?
“It’s was a black Flying V, called a Hurricane or something like that. No, I no longer own it. It was quite the heavy metal guitar back then, but I traded it in years ago.”

Who would win a fight between Nickelback and Bon Jovi?
“You can’t ask me that! Dude, you gotta spin this cool because they’re taking us on the road! We’ve got a bunch of tour dates coming up with Bon Jovi, and the smallest we’re doing is about 37,000 seats. I think we’re also doing two nights at Wembley, so it might be pretty stressful and there could be a fight anyway. I’d say it would be even – right down the middle. It would have to be for charity, though. That’s the tactful answer anyway, ‘cos apparently Bon Jovi are big Nickelback fans and picked us especially for the tour.”

Be honest, have you ever slept with your guitar?
“Oh, sure! All the time when I was a kid learning guitar. I would sit and practice when I was yournger, just going over scales and shit whilst lying on my bed, and I would always kinda drift off. I’d be out cold on my bed and would wake up with my guitar lying across me. So, yeah, I have, but not in any kind of sexual sese….even though I love my guitar!”

If you had $10,000 and could choose only one shop to spend it in, what shop would it be?
“It would have to be a guitar shop. Acutually, no, I get all my guitars for free. Ha, ha! I would probablygo to a studio gear store in L.A. where you can get all this awesome vintage gear. For $10,000 I think I could get two Neve strips. They are vintage EQ channels taken from a mixing console. They pull them right out of these 1960’s and 1970’s mixing boards because their EQ are so good.”

What the hell WAS on Joey’s head?
“What the hell was on Joey’s head?! Joey’s acutally sitting in front of me now, wacting TV. We’ve known each other for about 10 years and he does a lot of recording with us. A lot of people ask me about the lyrics to that song [Photograph]. That picture was take two years ago at a New Year’s Eve party back home. It was one of those big silver champagne chillers that looks like a huge trophy. We flipped it upside down and just stuck it on his head. We were so wrecked.How does he feel being immortalised? Why don’t you ask himself? [Chad passes the phone over to Joey. TG ask him how it feels to be immortalised in a Nickelback song? “It’s amazing.,” he drones sarcastically before passing us back to Chad] Well at least his parents are very happy…”

No witness and no chance of getting caught. What would you do and to whom?
“Oh, I like where this is going. [Long pause] Hmmm, how nasty can I get? As nasty as I want? That’s a question that can’t be answered quickly. I’m thinking about sodomy. [Another huge pause, before laughing evilly…] I would sodomise Liz Hurley!”

Do you wish you’d never written How You Remind Me?
“No way, man! I wouldn’t be where I am now without writing it. Every time I think I’m getting sick of it, I just think of The Rolling Stones and how many times they have had to play Start Me Up.!

Dimebag Darrell laid down a guest solo on a track from your latest album ‘All The Right Reasons’. If you could get any other guitarist, dead or alive, to be guest on a song, who would it be?
“Alive, it would be Eric Clapton. I think that would be really interesting. Dead, it would be Jimy Hendrix. I just remembered that Joe Satriani was in town the other day recording something down at the Warehouse, and I really wanted to go down there. It would be awesome to have Satch guest on a track.I also met Steve Vai at the Grammy awards on year. That dude’s hand are HUGE! He’s got, like, alien fingers. That’s how he playsthe shit he does!”

Fill in the blanks: The__between___my___is!
“Weird! The space between my balls is huge! Ha ha! It’s not really, though. Man, now I have this picture of really widespread testicals. Can I answer again? No? Boy, you guys are tough.”

Which member of Nickelback can throw a ball the fartbest?
“Yeah, these are great questions! It’s gotta be either myself or Peake [Ryan, guitar]. He’s tough. He has that natural strength, you know?”

How does it feel to now that women all over the world dream and fantasize about you every day?
“I like that question! You could say the thought of that is wonderful, and the thought of being true is even better!”

Would you ever sacrifice sex for a case of beer?
“No f*ck’ way, man! Show me a guy that would and I’ll show you a guy I wouldn’t have a beer with.”

Does Mike ever go jealous of the amount of hair you have compared to him, or is he happy with less?
“You know, Mike’s hair used to be longer than mine. There was a time when all of us had really long hair, but my hair has recently been cut so I don’t have that much anymore. My hair seems to be a big hang up for some people. You just can’t keep anyone happy these days, man. If I cut it, people scream at me, ‘Why did you cut it?’ If I grow it, they say, ‘Why don’t you cut it?’ Right now it’s surfer length, which I quite like. During the last interview I did, someone asked me about my hair. I feel like f*ck’ Bon Jovi. But, you know, some people ask it ‘cos they know I really f*cking hate it. I was watching the How You Remind Me video a few days ago, and even I was disgusted! My hair was really terrible. It made me look so old. I was 26 and looked about 37.”

Loads of stars have posed naked over the years. Would you ever pose naked for PlayGirl if the money was right? “Only from the waist down. [Laughs] That’s clever, come on!” (P.S. On the photo what was posted with the interview Chad said he would strip for PlayGirl if they would pay one million dollars)

Are you a fan of jazz fusion?
“Sing me some [TG attempts to hum some John McLaughlin] No! You know, if it doesn’t stick in your head, if you don’t find yourself singing along to it, then I’m probably not gonna be a fan ot it.”

What is your favorite Nickelback song to play and why?
“I’m gonna say Woke Up This Morning. If not that one , it’s Because Of You – the heaviest song on The Long Road. It’s real fun to play, has a cool riff and lots of energy. It’s something I don’t have to think about when I’m playing it and can just enjoy being in the moment.”

If you were trapped in an elevator with Santa, the abominable snowman and a gay elf, and you had to make it out with one of them which would you choose?
“I’ll take the snowman. Why? Because I get to make as many holes as I like.”



kristi ,спасибо за интервью!! я полчаса валялась под столом :D Чад вааще жжет!!
Но есть и несколько серьезных моментов. В общем интервью замечательное! Легкое, жизнерадостное и поднимающее настроение :cool:
П.С. Немного смутил последний вопрос :D

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Ха! Интервью просто супер!



kristi Спасибо!



Чад ваще жарит!!!!  :D  :rofl: Столько приколов!!!!
KRISTI спасибо  :cool:



Спасибо! Интересненько было )))