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Chad Kroeger fishing in Slave Lake – will Nickelback do benefit

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http://www.gigcity.ca/2011/07/01/nickel … -for-hope/

There’s a rumour going around that Nickelback is going to play the Slave Lake Concert of Hope music festival, which started in Slave Lake last night. Here’s the evidence:

A Facebook post from local rapper Omar Mouallem – aka A-OK – about he and others’ scheduled appearances at the event getting moved around: “I’m actually flattered that Cousin, Ziko Ghost and I were replaced by Nickelback at the Concert of Hope.”

Maybe he is joking?

Maybe not. Here’s a fan post on the Slave Lake Concert for Hope Facebook page, “omg Nickleback (sic) is at the pub in Slave Lake.”

And this tweet from Nickelback itself, responding to another fan’s question: “No, we are not there tonight. Heard rumours that we were. We feel so much for the people of Slave Lake.”

Notice it said “tonight” (as in Thursday, June 30), nothing about the other days of the festival, which is drawing some HUGE names donating their time in support of Slave Lake families whose homes were destroyed in the May 15 fire. Headliners include Dwight Yoakam (tomorrow night), Charlie Major, the Stampeders, Ashley MacIsaac and many more. It’s kind of like a Boonstock-style event with a main stage and a “dance tent.”

The case against: According to the stage manager of the event, if the full-blown Nickelback was going to play, there would’ve already been a bunch of trucks rolling up, and there isn’t. Turns out singer Chad Kroeger (above) is in fact in the Slave Lake area this weekend – fishing. No word on the whereabouts of the other band members. If Chad’s going to make an appearance, it might be a pretty stripped down affair – perhaps a couple of acoustic songs, maybe a little speech, it’s all just speculation at this point.

With “line-up additions still to come,” the event takes place until Saturday at the Widewater Complex, 18 km west of Slave Lake on Highway 2. Tickets and other information can be found here.



А прикольно будет, если он со спиннингом на сцену в панамке выйдет, споёт =)



О, спасибо за интересную инфу! ^^



Дэн будет Бондом, Чад будет рыболовом что же дальше?!   :D


Вы здесь » Канадское достояние (форум Nickelback) » Новости Nickelback » Chad Kroeger fishing in Slave Lake – will Nickelback do benefit